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Virginia College Career Training Scholarship for Working Students


$500 for certificate programs and $1,000 for degree programs


$500 for diploma programs and $1,000 for degree programs. A maximum of 100 students per Financial Aid award year may receive this scholarship.

Application Requirements:

  1. A minimum of two years of employment
    1. Exceptions to the two years of employment may be made for single parents at the sole discretion of the Scholarship Committee. Single parents who do not meet the minimum application requirement for proof of two years of employment may request an interview with the Scholarship Committee.  If an interview is granted, the Scholarship Committee may determine from the interview to allow the single parent with less than two years of employment to apply for this scholarship. Approval by the Scholarship Committee to apply for this scholarship does not guarantee that the scholarship will be awarded to the single parent, only that they may apply for the scholarship.
  2. One letter of recommendation from an employer
  3. Three-hundred-word essay describing long-term career goals
  4. High school diploma, GED certificate, or approved Home School study credential
  5. Completed scholarship application form

Disbursement Conditions:

The student must continually meet the stated attendance requirements of the College and maintain a 3.0 GPA for the duration of the scholarship award.  If attendance requirements and GPA requirements are not met, the remaining balance of the scholarship will not be credited to the student’s account.  The student may not re-apply for the scholarship if he/she fails to meet these conditions.

Payable for Credit Hour Students:

Credited equally over each term of the student’s remaining enrollment

Payable for Clock Hour Students:

Credited equally each payment period of the student’s remaining enrollment

Application Submission:

At least 30 days prior to the beginning of the term of attendance for which the scholarship is initially being applied, each applicant must submit the following to the Scholarship Committee: official high school transcript or GED certificate (on those campuses where official copies are required), letter of recommendation, essay, and application form. 

Scholarship Committee:

Scholarship Committee membership shall include two appropriate College officials.  All decisions of the Scholarship Committee are final and based on meeting the stated scholarship criteria including

  • letter of recommendation;
  • student essay; and, optionally,
  • personal interview with candidate.